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The Dominion Hotel Group

Charity Alliance:

Windermere® Operating in Melbourne’s southeast corridor, Windermere® serves a growing population of more than 1.2 million people. For thousands of disadvantaged children and families, prosperity and wellbeing remain an elusive dream as they struggle with issues such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, family violence, lack of housing, and violent crime. In the last year alone, Windermere has assisted over 9000 families.

Windermere® aims to help everyone in their community realise their full potential, build resilience and feel a positive and meaningful connection to the community in which they live. They do so by providing a variety of emotional and practical support services, education, advice, counselling, affordable alternatives to long day-care, and other therapeutic interventions. 

Dominion Hotel Group’s involvement Windermere® is addressing relevant issues in the southeast corridor, particularly youth issues that affect local residents.

Dominion Hotel Group admires the positive impact Windermere® is making on the local community and we have made a monetary commitment to support a number of their programs throughout the year.